Camp Out at the Zoo

Virtual Camp Out at the Zoo

Saturday, November 14th, 2020

Social distancing may have changed our lives, but it can’t stop the fun. This year, Camps For Kids is hosting our annual campout at the zoo virtually. Instead of our usual in-person event, we’ve designed an interactive kid-focused camp-at-home experience for your entire family, complete with games, crafts, penguins, snacks and fuzzy friends around every corner.

Sign up today to reserve your Kid’s Campsite Kits and Adult Firefly Cocktail Kits and help Camps for Kids share the joy and discovery of summer camp with Kansas City-area disadvantaged and special needs children.

Support Kansas City-area kids by purchasing:

Family Registration – $10

  • A raffle ticket to win one of three prizes: KC Zoo elephant painting, Family Overnight at the Zoo Pass, or a Family Annual Zoo Pass

Kid’s Campsite Kit (at-home campsite for one) – $15

  • Pretend campfire
  • Mini s’mores treat
  • Zoo animal water bottle
  • Game & craft supplies
  • Safari hat
  • Flashlight keychain
  • Tent clips to make your campsite at home
  • Healthy snack
  • Zoo animal learning materials

Deadline to reserve a kid’s camping kit by November 3rd, 2020*

*Additional kits may be available after Nov 3 but register and reserve now to ensure the full virtual camping experience.


Lead Elephant


Loyal Lion




“As we expected camp has been WONDERFUL. The genuine smile on (my daughter’s) face in the pictures I took at drop off and the ones the counselors are sending me are testament to what an amazing thing you are doing. Thank you so very, very much! ”


“I can see what other kids have gone through and how they survived. It helps me get through & conquer. We are all survivors. That’s a gift.”


“When I'm at camp, I feel like a normal kid. Some kids don't get to go outside because our parents are just working too much and too hard. At home, I'm just watching movies all day. I don't want to get too old to come to Wildwood.”


“Without the support of Camps for Kids and the matching fund, CHD Families would be unable to provide a free medically supervised summer camp for kids with Congenital Heart Defects.”


“I look back on the struggle of my childhood and one of the most important and best childhood memories I have include the time spent at camp with the amazing men and women who treated me like I was normal despite my struggle”

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